Editing Windows Audacity

I am new to this great program. I use it for recording voice mostly. I can now delete stutters or mistakes but not sure how to re-record the deleted section. Any help would truly be appreciated. Doug

It’s very difficult to go back later and jam in corrections that match the original in rhythm, pitch and character, so what many people do is perform the correction immediately, while the memory of the performance is fresh, and then continue on. If you do it that way, you can also set a label with a hot key so you can easily find the point later.


There’s no way to steer a live recording so it neatly fits into a hole of an existing track. The best you can do is record a new track with all the corrections on it and then copy and paste between tracks.


There is another equally awkward fix. When you make a mistake, stop recording immediately and delete the fluff. Then use Append Record (Shift-R), to start recording again. This only works at the end of a performance.

There’s a variation on that in Audacity 2.0.5 where you find a fluff in playback and press Record. Audacity will start a new track at that exact point. It’s up to you to arrange the solo, mute, and playthrough settings so the tracks don’t interfere with each other, and edit in the correction later.


Thank you for your kind response Koz but not sure I understand! How do I perform the correction immediately while I record as this is what I want to do? Are you saying that I should delete the faulty section and then continue recording? I did try this but recording starts again from the beginning. If I delete the faulty section what do I do to continue recording from the point of deletion? Sorry if I appear a bit dim. Doug

Rough and ready way…

Press SPACE to stop recording when you make your mistake.

Drag a selection over your mistake.

Z to find zero crossings.


SHIFT + R (or hold SHIFT and click on Record) to start recording from the end of the track.

You can experiment with not doing Z. If you hear clicks where you deleted a section, go back to using Z.


Once again thanks for coming to my rescue. I will do as you suggest Doug