Editing .WAV file getting unexpected results

It has been a couple of years since I last used Audacity. I am used to having to reduce noise level, compress the audio, then apply a limiter. This process usually gets me where I want to go.
We moved from Virginia to New York State a few months ago and the new location is not where I’d like it to be yet.
The Peaks are in the ballpark, but the RMS and the noise floor are very low. There was a guy named Koz, who would listen and advise. Is this still Possible?
I’m not sure that I remember the information I need to supply with a request like this, but i’ll start with what I remember, and maybe someone can tell me what I left out.
I am running Audacity on a Dell XPS 8900 Tower with an I-7 processor. The Operating system is Windows 10

Run Loudness Normalization first. That wasn’t built-in 3 years ago… You had to install an RMS plug-in. (Choose “RMS” if you’re making an audiobook.)

Then limit for the peaks.

Loudness Normalization is linear so it pushes-up (or down) the peaks, RMS/LUFS, and the noise floor by the same dB amount.

…Koz is still active here.

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