Editing two files from different sources - speed distortion

I don’t really know how best to explain this problem but I REALLY hope someone can help!

I have audio from two sources - a standard introduction that I paste onto all of our podcasts, and a recording of an event which I want to podcast. I didn’t make the recording myself so don’t know what the settings were, but when I try pasting the standard intro aup file into the start of it, the intro then plays at an extremely disorted, slooooow speed. So obviously the recordings were captured at different speeds.

I’ve tried everything - exporting both files as MP3s with the same bitrate, then editing them together; converting both to .wav, etc; but nothing works. Please please please can anyone help?


You are using Audacity 1.2.6?

Don’t paste into the same track. As you have worked out, they are at different sample rates, and if you have them in the same track any that do not match the sample rate of the track will play at the wrong speed.

Use “Import” to get the audio files into Audacity, and keep the different audio clips in different tracks. It is OK to cut and paste a clip within the same track (for example if you are using the same intro several times, you can just make duplicate copies in the same track. Use the “Time Shift Tool” (double headed arrow) to slide audio clips left/right.

When you Export your finished show, all of the tracks will be mixed together into a single stereo file (or “mono” if ALL of the audio is mono).

You would be better to use Audacity 1.3.7, it is a lot better now than the old 1.2.6 version.


Different sample rates, not different speeds. Music CD audio is done at 44100 and television audio is 48000. They both carry one minute of sound in 60 seconds, but not if you try to jam them onto the same timeline. If the first one is perfect, the second one will play wrong.

See: Steve.


Hi, thanks very much for responding. Yes I do have the old version. do you mean I should do all the above in 1.3.7? I don’t really understand your suggestions, but I guess it will make sense in 1.3.7?

At the moment I am working with the old version, have the two tracks in different Audacity windows…

It’s OK. I think I have found the answer here:


If you use Audacity 1.3.7, you do not need to have multiple windows open. Just import all the bits into one window and move them around as required. Audacity 1.3.7 supports multiple sample rates at the same time.
You can change the project sample rate atany time by entering the desired sample rate into the “Sample Rate” box in the lower left corner of the main Audacity window.
Don’t be afraid of using lots of tracks at the same time - a modern computer should be able to handle that easily and all of the tracks will be mixed together on Export.

Thanks Steve. I will definitely get on to downloading the new version soon, but for the meantime I just tried Jake Ludington’s tip for 1.2.6, as above, and it was easy-peasy and worked straight away so that covers me for now!


You can have Audacity 1.2 and 1.3 installed at the same time, but can not run them simultaneously (one at a time only).

Audacity 1.3 can open files that have been saved in Audacity 1.2,
but Audacity 1.2 can not open files that have been saved in Audacity 1.3.