Editing Techniques

I was reading the manual about manual recovery of data, and using XCrossings to bring tracks together.

Call me old school…doesn’t anyone copy and paste a file from one Audacity window to another Audacity Window? When I have to put together data, that is how I do it…as if I was splicing magnetic media.

Even though everything is lined up and end to end, I can see where the splice is. It doesn’t effect the playback.

Should not be needed with good working practice.

What’s that?

Some do, though it’s extremely rare that I ever need to do so.

Audio clips on the same track may be joined to form a continuous track. If the clips are touching each other, you can just click on the common edge to join the clips.

Clips can also be joined by selecting the clips that you want to join and using the “Join” command (“Edit menu > Clip Boundaries > Join”). This also works for clips that are not touching (any gap between clips will be filled with silence).

Alternatively you can “Mix and Render” (Tracks menu) http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tracks_menu.html#mix

Hi Steve.

I am unable to find the section on recovery of data. All I see now is crash recovery.

In the manual recovery details, it mentioned XCrossings.

Yea for History!


And, that should be “zero crossings.”