Editing sound and speed

I just downloaded Audacity and need help understanding how to lower volume and reduce speed in downloaded MP3 music. It will be exported into a wav file for use in a slideshow like Photoshop and want the music to be a quiet background instead of “a blast”.

Effect > Amplify and move the slider to left. Press Preview to try it out then if the volume is not to your liking, adjust the slider and preview again.

Effect > Change Tempo assuming you want the pitch to stay the same, or Effect > Change Speed if you want the pitch to reduce as well as the speed.


Thanks for the advice. I had success with the tempo. The audio is still tricky for me. I did get it lower but after several tries. I used the slide to lower the sound, tested it, then accepted the changes. when I tried to do it again, I though I would have the same level on the slide as a start point, but it jumped around. I had to get the volume level to be only 1/8 inch wide for quiet background music in this slideshow.

If you apply the Amplify effect and reopen the effect, the slider will have moved because the default action is to make the audio as loud as possible.

If you press Preview while in Amplify, the slider won’t move between previews.

If you were trying to make the audio progressively quieter so that it fades into nothing at the end, you could click in the waves starting from the point where you want to start the fade, drag to the end of the track, then Effect > Fade Out.


Thanks for the advice. Finally, I had success in getting the volume changed.