Editing songs in ITunes

I’m sure this is a simple question. All I want to do is edit a song in itunes. I just want to keep about the first 15 seconds of a song. When I open the song from Audacity and try to play it, all I get is a very brief “screech” sound. How do I edit to where I keep the first part of the song?

iTunes songs are not in a digital format that Audacity understands.

You know an easy way to do this is QuickTime Pro? QuickTime Pro understands millions of different formats, comes with editing tools, and can export to millions of other formats. Highly recommended.

If you insist on doing it in Audacity, you need to find a way to convert Apple AAC formatted sound files into either MP3 or Microsoft WAV format sound files. Then they will open up in Audacity and can be edited.


Thanks for the response. I was able to convert the file to a .wav but when I hit play in Audacity, I still get the screeching sound that lasts about 1 second- I can’t hear the song at all

It has not converted properly. I think that you should be able to export as WAV directly from iTunes, but If you are using Windows you could try try SUPER from erightsoft for the conversion.