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how to expand a silence space on a track

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Click in the silence and Generate > Silence… .

But I expect that may not answer your question. Are you trying to expand pauses in speech that are not absolute silence, but “room noise”?

If you need more help, please tell us what version of Audacity you are using (all three numbers, see the pink panel at the top of the page).



i re-formulate
i have a track with a short silent [ no hum no nothing just plain silence ] , i would like to expand that silent silence without affecting the music next to this silence .

Audacty 2.1.2 Mac 10.8.5

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Have you tried what I suggested? If you place the cursor in the silence then Generate > Silence…, you will insert the length of silence you chose, pushing any music after the silence to right.

Any music to left of the silence will remain at its existing time position.



ok until " pushing the music to the right , with what tool , with the closed hand it expand the dark selected zone , with time shift its sihfting the whole track .

Use Selection Tool (F1), click in the track (do not drag to select a region) then Generate > Silence.

If you want to use Time Shift Tool (F5) instead of Generate > Silence then you have to first click in the track then use COMMAND + I to create a separate clip in the track. A black vertical line in the track will indicate the boundary between the two clips. Then you can use Time Shift Tool to drag the clips apart, leaving white space between the clips.

The white space will sound as (and export as) silence.


working thanks a lot for your time Gale