Editing Six 24 bit wave tracks imported from Zoom H6

I have used Audacity successfully editing two 24 bit tracks but now that I have a Zoom H6 recorder I want to edit six 24 bit tracks. Is Audacity capable of this?

Audacity does not have a fixed limit on the number of tacks. The number of tracks is limited only by the capabilities of the computer that it is running on.
The bigger the Audacity project, the more disk space you need.
More track increase the load on the CPU when playing / recording. As the number of tracks approaches the maximum that the computer can handle, you will notice that Audacity becomes sluggish (slow to respond). If there are too many tracks, then recoding will not be possible without “dropouts” (clicks and stuttering in the recording).

Audacity handles “32-bit float” tracks more efficiently than 24-bit tracks. By default, Audacity will convert 24-bit WAV files to 32-bit float on import.

Thanks Steve, for the reply. My computer has an i7 processor but only 4 GB Ram memory.

I’d suggest that you make the most of that by shutting down all non-essential applications and processes when working with Audacity.
Check to see what apps are set to start up on boot/log-in, and if they are not essential, disable them from auto-start.

Thanks Steve