editing question

How do I cut part of a track without cutting any of the one below it? I was recording, made a mistake, stopped,* and probably moved the cursor over to begin where the mistake began rather than cutting it out right then and continuing.

*Also is there a way for recording not to drop to a new track when I continue after stopping-or maybe that is because I should be hitting pause instead of stop? If I hit pause, will it not drop to next track below?

Hope I am making sense. Thanks!

You can certainly Pause the recording and then pick it up again whenever you wish by unpausing. Or you can stop the recording, save the project, close everything and go home, pick up again next week and press Shift-R (Append Record) to pick up at the end, right where you left off.

If you press Stop, yes, Audacity will start a whole new track under the old one. The easiest way to blend them is use the Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows) and shove the bottom track to the right so its start matches the top track end. Edit, Tune, Cut, etc until you’re happy and then just Export and Audacity will marry them.

Many performers never stop or pause. They realize they made a goof, press (I think it’s) Command-B to set a label, correct the music and continue on. Go back later to all the labels and patch the work. Each label will have the goof and the correction next to each other.

We can’t “Crash Record.” Start somewhere arbitrary and press Record. It’s a Frequently Requested Feature.


first you make sure that Sync-Locking is not turned on - see: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/sync_locked_track_groups.html

then make sure you only click and drag in just the track that you want to select - and not drag upwards or downwards too.


If they are labelling the error when they hear it at the point of playback or recording, they need COMMAND + . (“.” being “period” or “full stop”). It’s CTRL + M on Windows and Linux.