editing profanity

I am a DJ and there are a lot of songs out there with bad language and it is the law, according to the FCC, to play edited songs on the radio. I am quite new to this whole editing world, but I figure things out a lot by experimentation. I have a Mac OS v. 10.4, by the way. I notice that many radio stations have “blanks” for editing profanity. Audacity, however, has LITERAL blanks. I would like it so that I can have the instruments still in the background. Thus, not making so it sound so horrible with a blank of no sound. Kind of like what Karaoke does. No vocals and yet still have the instrumentation. I have tried the audacity “blank” technique, but it just sounds HORRIBLE with songs like “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine. I’d also like to still have the Shh… (sh*t) or Ff… (f**k) sound in there if at all possible. iTunes has many edited versions of songs, but not all… For example, iTunes doesn’t have Killing in the Name by Rage Against The Machine or Save Yourself by Stabbing Westward. Some step by step instructions would be helpful. Who knows though… maybe this is impossible or tedious, but I’d like to know a simple way — if it IS at all possible. Thanks!

It’s impossible to do this unless you have access to the original multi-track tapes. You can’t remove or alter a single instrument in relation to the others once they’re all mixed together. Once they’re mixed, they’re mixed for good.

Someone on the old forums used it say it was like trying to take the chocolate out of a chocolate cake.