Editing only one channel

I am editing a stereo recording, but how to I reduce the level on only one channel?

The easiest way is to use the track “Pan” slider.
The slider will not visibly change the waveform, but you will be able to see the effect in the playback meter (and hear the effect clearly if you are using headphones).
By the way, it is possible to click on the left or right edge of the meter toolbar and resize/reposition it to make it wider - making it bigger makes it a lot easier to read (see here: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/meter_toolbar.html#resizing)

What is the pan slider?

One of the two sliders to the left of your blue waves. One is loudness and the other is pan (back and forth).


See here for the parts of the Track Control Panel http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/audio_tracks.html#panel

IC. So if I move the slider all the way to th left, any change/editing will apply only to the right channel, right?

No, that’s not the case.
So what do I do, if I want to reduce the level in the right channel?

No, I mean if you move the Pan slider to the left the right channel will be quieter. That is what you asked for. Do you mean something different?

Do you mean that you want to reduce the level in the right channel for just part of the track?


In which case you can split the stereo track -

  1. Click in the track name in the Track control panel and select Split Stereo Track

  2. operate on either track independently

  3. rejoin the tracks by clicking in the trackname in the TCP of the top track of the two and select Make Stereo Track

Hey presto … ( it’s only easy when you know how :slight_smile: )


That’s exactly what I needed - thanks a lot :slight_smile: