Editing MP3 tags

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Also, while I like the ability to edit the mp3 tag at that point, I find that actually editing one of the tag
items is not so easy, as highlighting it and starting to type deletes the existing text, whereas I only want
to edit it. It seems to take several clicks to get to where I can actually start editing the existing text, rather than
simply replace it.

And while I’m at it - though may be it should be a question… in a stereo recording there is a very short bad section
that I would like to “null” or set to zero and copy the audio from the other track to over-write this. Is there a
way to do this?

Thanks for all the good work! I am an old-time user of CoolEdit, but I find that most of the time Audacity
is the program I use!


You’d probably get more (and faster) answers if you posted this one on other part of the forum… :slight_smile:

To “null” a section, select that section and the silence it (Edit → Silence Audio or Ctrl-L or click the silence button on the edit toolbar if you have it active).

To overwrite a section, select the section you want to copy, then copy it (Edit->Copy or Ctrl-C). Then select the section you want to overwrite and paste the section you copied before (Edit-Paste or Ctrl-V). Note: you don’t need to silence the part you want to overwrite, just simply select it and paste the new section in its place.

Please include me as a user who finds editing the export tags rather cumbersome. With Export Multiple, I typically want to re-use most of the tag data but if I save it I can only recall the whole tag. So I wind up copying the name, recalling my saved tag, pasting the name back and patching the track number (hopefully as it was before the recall). Is there already a better way to do this?

Before you do Export Multiple, do File > Open Metadata Editor. Fill in only the stuff that is common for all the exported filed. If you leave the Track Title and Track Number empty, Audacity will fill those in with the label text and label position respectively. If you are confident of this you can uncheck “Show Metatdata Editor prior to Export step” in Imprt/Export Preferences.

– Bill

Thanks, Bill!