Editing macros manully by txt ducoment

Hi the idea basiclly that i want is duplicate the sound under each other large amounts of times, so im using macros to do that, i create macros in sequence like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 to 300 400 and in every macro it will contain the previous macro 10 times, this way the effect will be larger than normal, but basiclly createing macros manully is hard and take a lot of time, so i tried to create macros manully through a small program that creates txt ducoment and add the commands for the previous macros like
Macro_39: but basiclly they don’t have any effect, so im asking way, and also i tried to edit existied macros but also they didn’t work, so way and how to fix that

I don’t see any reason why you can’t do that. In Manage Macros, simply use the Import button to load the macro.

You question would have to be much more specific.

I made them in txt ducoment format, but they didn’t work, they were showen in the program but again they don’t work

There is Insufficient information to comment on this.

What kind of informations you want

I am going to leave this for someone else to respond to. Good luck!

If you post one of your macros (attach the .txt file to your reply), and a description of what it is supposed to do, then someone could take a look to see what is wrong with it.

240.txt (1.0 KB)

Like this one, its part of 270 macros in sequence numbers, every macro contain the previous macro about 10 times or more, i tried to simply copy paste whats inside the txt file and duplicate it, lets say it have

Macro_239 10 times, i made it 10,000 times, but when i run them, i see no effect at all

Writing macros is a formal language. You have to not only get the words right, but the order of the instructions and repetition if you use them more than once.

Macros is also not very efficient. I wouldn’t be shocked if there was a limit to the size of the Macro. You can’t just write a 6 page Macro and apply it. And yes, they are ordinary text files.


People get into trouble when they try to make a home recording program do an industrial or corporate job. Large programs know how to share computer memory and segment and manage hard drive space. Home programs start at the beginning and go to the end. If they run out of memory, they stop.


There is one more Audacity surprise. Every time you perform an effect, Audacity saves a copy of the whole show. That’s how it does UNDO. People are shocked when their show turns into a giant monster. That’s all the backups Audacity makes during editing. You can reset that by saving or exporting the show, and closing Audacity. Then reopen and start the next part of the edit.

This is another place where complex Macros can run into trouble.

Obviously that is untestable for us, so I’ll assume that you don’t really want help.

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