Editing Large Files into smaller Files

I am most certain this has been addressed numerous times but…good luck finding one of those threads as a newbie! I’ve tried for the last hour without luck.
Anyway…I am a musician. We just recorded one of our shows and I am trying to edit this down into individual song tracks. I also want to rename those tracks to fit the song titles. I cannot find anything in the help files to show me how to do this in Audacity.
The file imported flawlessly into Audacity and I have already done some minor edits without any issues. However…getting it to edit/separate the individual songs is another matter all together. Any help would be great!!

The way you’re intended to do it is with labels. You set a label at the beginning and end of each song. Then File > Export Multiple and each song will arrive as its own individual file.

A longer version is label all the songs front and back, drag select each song (the labels are sticky) and File Export Selected. That will allow you to individually change each song filename to match the song title.

And there are others.


Scroll down to the tutorials such as this one.



Thanks, Koz!! I’ll let you know how it goes! Your help is greatly appreciated!