Editing just stops working.


Macbook Pro 2011, 10.9.5, 2.7 GHz Core i7, 8 GB DDR3.

Installed 2.0.6. from the .zip.

Was happening recently on 2.0.5 as well.

I’ll be editing a song to make a ringtone, and everything works fine for awhile. Then all of a sudden, I am unable to cut the track. Doesn’t matter if I left the program and came back or had the program open the entire time. I ended up having to close out of the program entirely and reopen and re-add the track and do it all again.
I’ve disabled the ‘nap-app’. Generate, effect, analyze is grayed out as well. Copy doesn’t work either.

Also, I can’t even save the file. Basically nothing works besides playing the track.

I right clicked the app and told to close, and when I went into the app because it asks if I want to save, I said no, and everything started working again.

Perhaps stating the obvious, but are you aware that most commands are unavailable while playback is paused? For most commands, playback must be stopped (not just paused). If this is news, then next time it happens, try clicking the Stop button.