Editing inputs from ZOOMh4n

I recently purchased this recording device which came with a complicated software programme.I finally was able to transfer recorded material onto Audacity which proved to be of very good quality.I’m still learning how to use everything on Audacity etc,and would appreciate any info in the form of advice from anyone who has a ZOOMh4n.

I have a Zoom H2.
The way that I usually use it is to record onto the H2 (stand-alone device), then take out the flash card and put it into the card reader of my laptop. Then copy (not “move”) the tracks from the flash card to the laptop hard drive. The recordings (now on the computer) can then be edited in Audacity in the normal way.

I connect the H4 and use it to transfer the sound files instead of pulling out the card. Since it’s an older unit, I recently did the firmware upgrade to allow it to use larger cards. I’ve never used it as a live microphone. Why would you restrict your movement to the 6 foot USB cable and proximity to the noisy computer if you don’t have to?