Editing for volume ranges

I’ve used Audacity for quite a while, but just at a fairly basic level.

I have to submit finished audio files where the volume range has to be between 2 specific values (-23 and -18 dB RMS). Post recording, which tool or Effect do I use, and how, to make sure the recording falls within this range?

If you view the waveform in dB, the pale blue area is the RMS value …

There are free loudness-meters which work in Audacity …

See the [u]Recommended Audiobook Mastering Process[/u].

Note that RMS/Loudness normalization often pushes the peaks into clipping so make sure to follow with limiting. (If you’re not making an audiobook, you can set the limiter to 0dB.)

If it’s not speech, of course you can skip the Low roll-off for speech.

Thanks everyone!

Well, now my only problem is that I can’t seem to install the plug-in properly. I’ve read all the installation instructions for doing it. But it just doesn’t seem to show up. I’m likely doing something wrong.

Yeah…pretty sure I’ve tried everything and followed all instructions. The plugins won’t show up. Not sure what to do from here

What plug-in? ACX check? Everything else is built-in so you don’t have to install them.

[u]Installing Nyquist Plug-ins[/u].

The file should be installed in the plug-in folder with the other .ny files. If the “install” doesn’t work, you can copy it there manually.

You may have to enable the plug-in (from the Effects menu) and then ACX Check is found under the Analyze tab.

Plugin’s have to be enabled in the plugin manager before they appear on the effect menu.

(Also VST plugins must match the version of Audacity: 32 or 64 bit)