Editing files

So I re-downloaded the program (I lost it with my old computer, anyway I couldn’t even OPEN a file on my old computer) and went to edit a file I have, I wanted to get a clip from it, and I Highlighted the part I wanted and then tried to copy or cut or move it to a new file… Or well do anything with it. And could do nothing with it I went to “edit” and nothing was usable it was all grayed out so how do you get it to work…? And yes I did go to the “Getting Started” guide and followed the directions and well that’s how I got as far as I did.

I couldn’t read your post, so I put the color back to black.

Audacity doesn’t do drag. Highlight or drag-select a portion of your show, File > Export Selected and pick a filename. Where is it going next? If it’s for further production, you should stay in WAV.


Thanks It worked I had a bit of a hiccup when it wouldn’t save but I figured that out… Sorry about the color I tried a darker one and it didn’t look good ^ . ^