Editing file after effects have been applied

Ok . . . another newbie question . . . . but bear with me on the background . . .

Edited a 10-minute chapter and it sounds great in earphones when I play it back. So . . . I go to effects and go through the process of adding effects . . . Noise Profile, Noise Reduction, Compression, Normalize, EQ to soften S sounds, Normalize.

On the finished product though I can hear minute noises/clicks, etc that show up on blips in the Effects version . . . but cannot be seen in the Original Edit version (before efeects).

My questions are:

  1. Can I edit the Effects version . . . deleting the offending sounds and the Mix and Render to make on clean file, after which I export as an MP3?

  2. If I can delete small segments do I need to not only Mix and Render before exportuing, but do I need go through entire effects protocol again?

    As always, thanks for your help and suggestions!