Editing ends of tunes

Hi everyone,
I am new to this forum and new to Audacity.
What I want to do is edit the beginning and end “dead” space from tunes. I have figured that out but I can’t listen to the edited version of the tune prior to saving it. What am I missing? After the edit I have been selecting the “play” button and all I hear is a short, sharp sound.

Thanks in advance,


You’ve posted in the wrong bit of the forum - this part is for “forum issues” (such as “How do I change my log-in details?”)

Let us know which version of Audacity you are using, and what your operating system is and one of the forum moderators will move it for you.

Are you recording these “tunes” yourself or are you importing audio files?
I suspect that you may be trying to import an unsupported file type. All versions of Audacity support WAV and MP3 files. If you are using some other file type you could use a program such as SUPER or Switch to convert it into a WAV file before importing into Audacity.