editing during playback

I am new to this forum. But have a question. I recorded our country rock band on a creative Zen vision M through the external mic on the player at a gig the other evening and was wondering is it possible to edit the songs to remove background noise and to enhance the sound. Also, if this can be done, can one edit during playback to hear changes as they are being made? Thanks

You can try some equalization to possibly fix-up the “tonal balance” (Effect → Equalization). Since we don’t what’s wrong with the sound, we can’t tell you what to do. You’ll just have to experiment. For experimenting, the Graphic EQ will be easier than the default Draw Curve. The sliders on the left affect the low frequencies (bass) and the sliders on the right affect the highs (treble).

There’s probably not much you can do about the noise. Noise reduction works best when you have a constant low-level background noise like a little tape hiss. Any noise you can hear when a rock band is playing will be impossible to remove.

Getting a good recording of a rock band is difficult. Microphone placement is critical (with any recording) and it usually takes multiple microphones. Usually the mics need to be closer than the regular audience listening position because the “room sound” which sounds nice coming from all directions live just doesn’t sound good coming from a couple of speakers.

Thanks DVDDoug, I’ll give it a try.