Editing digital voice recorder file... Help[SOLVED]

Hello I’ve spent countless hours trying to clean up a recording via hand held digital voice recorder. Maybe it’s not even possible? I think it is I’m just new to this.
Objective: to get (clear as possible) voice conversation which is low to whispering with a fan and other mild background noise. Any tips at all would be helpful.

I’m just new to this.

No. Probably not. Audacity is not a forensics program. We can’t start from a barely recognizable hash of garbage and pull a voice out of it, particularly if the trash is moving or changing over time.

Two tools that may help are the telephone filter. Effect > Hi Pass Filter set to 300Hz and Effect > Low Pass Filter set to 3000Hz.

The other one is Noise Removal. Find a portion of the “show” which has noise only and no voice. Drag-select a portion of that and Effect > Noise Reduction > Profile. Then Select a larger portion of the show with voices and Effect > Noise Reduction, Reduction [18], Smoothing [300], and the other two zero. > OK.

If that didn’t help, then there may be no help.


Here’s the telephone filter executed as a manual filter in Effect > Equalization.


The blue line is a rubber band and you can click and push it around.

It should do the same thing.


First off, as a beginner this seems like a pretty powerful program to me. I’m impressed, good job Audacity. On that, it worked perfectly and did exactly what I needed. Thanks for the tips Koz, I appreciate it.