Editing/Deleting Long Section Of Recordings ?

I’ve seen other posts on the topic of editing/deleting sections of recordings; by highlighting and then deleting the passage.

This I understand and already use, however, this method is ok for small sections but it’s not practical for long sections.

For example, I recently recorded a 3 hour session and it was necessary to remove a section that ran from 38m 18s to 2 hours 45s and to drag my mouse over a section that long would have been tedious.

What process is best for removing long sections of recording ?

Many thanks.

If you don’t want to zoom in and out you can type the selection start and end or length in Selection Toolbar at the bottom. See http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/selection_toolbar.html .

Or use the [ and ] shortcut to set Left and Right Selection Boundary.



Many thanks for your prompt reply and I’ll give your info & advice a try.

If you haven’t already sussed, I’m an oldie - used to editing recording tape on studio R2R’s with an editting block, chinagraph pencil, cutting blade etc…and I can still do it at the age of 67 !