Editing backing tracks

Hello. I have some music backing tracks (only music, no vocals) that I would like to edit using Audacity. What I’d like to do with my backing tracks is to simply add some type of audible clicks or noise in the tracks. I’ll explain a little more. I sell my backing tracks but I have to put them on my website for people to hear before they buy…so I need to be able to insert some type of click or noise at a few places in my tracks (which will be my SAMPLE tracks on my site). That way is someone tries to record them right from my website, the tracks won’t really be usable.

Thank you.

For the sample tracks:

  1. record your backing track
  2. create a new track and select it (empty)
  3. Use Generate > Rhythm Track to generate a click track (or whatever)
  4. Press Play to hear the result (the two tracks will be played together
  5. You can use Effect > Amplify to adjust the relative loudness of the clicks (or whatever)
  6. Select > All or use shortcut Ctrl+A
  7. Export the audio on the format you require
  8. Result: the two tracks will be mixed and rendered for your exported audio file
    You may need to modify the volume of your audio track too at step 5 to avoid clipping


Thank you WC. I will follow your steps and give it a try.