Editing Audio

Hey i was wondering how you remove audio from one track without removing that same portion from the track bellow?

just select the bit you want to remove and delete- works for me!!! It always only removes the section form the track you’ve selected. I have the opposite problem, removing the same section from multiple tracks!!!

<<>> On the outside chance you really meant deleting something from the right channel without the left, there you need to split the stereo tracks into two mono tracks and edit them independently. Then join them back together later. These tools are under the black arrow to the left of the tracks.


i meant how do you do it for 2 mono tracks

You can toggle the selection in specific tracks by holding down the SHIFT key and clicking below the track name.

Alternatively, use the up/down cursor keys to move “focus” from one track to the next, then use the ENTER key to toggle selection.

it still removes both tracks when i try to cut a section of one track out.

Do you also have a label track? If you have created labels, and the “Link tracks” button is depressed, the tracks will form a track group. Deleting a section of any track in a tack group will delete that section in each track in the group.

See here for more information: http://audacityteam.org/manual/index.php?title=Label_Tracks#Linking_labels_with_audio_tracks

thank you! yes i have. that was the issuse

Hooray ! Got there in the end :smiley: