Editing and Moving Podcast Audio

Hey everyone! I am having issues editing audio. My partner and I both record our audio and then I import their MP3 into the same project. Sometimes Audacity loses audio and in order to clean it up, I need to move the audio around.

Thus far, I have only seen time shift, but that moves my whole sound file and I only want to move a certain part. When I try to highlight what I want slid, the time shift tool comes up as a :no_entry_sign: logo and not the tool.

Is there a good way to isolate certain audio and move it or add some empty space, to push one of the audio tracks back? Can I take certain audio and just put it on its own wavelength to make it easier? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks! I’m in danger of losing an episode because I can’t figure out how to edit out the lost area and make the conversations link back up, since only one recorded incorrectly.

Use the clip boundaries option and then hit split on the start and end of the audio section you want to move… you may need to add a blank mono track to do so