editing a wav file

I have a wav format file that i need to clean up. It is a voice recording of a teleconferenced call but there is a lot of background noise because the office where it was recorded has very little sound buffering from the street sounds outside, ie…traffic, etc… how do i remove all that noise and just hear the voices?

how do i remove all that noise and just hear the voices?

You can post a little bit of it so we can listen…


… but in general, you don’t.


The Four Horsemen of Audio Recording (reliable, time-tested ways to kill your show)
– 1. Echoes and room reverberation (Don’t record the show in your mum’s kitchen.)
– 2. Overload and Clipping (Sound that’s recorded too loud is permanently trashed.)
– 3. Compression Damage (Never do production in MP3.)
– 4. Background Sound (Don’t leave the TV on in the next room.)

Effect > Noise Reduction only works on sounds that do not change during the production. It won’t separate two different performances, you and street sounds.

You can try Effect > Noise Gate, But that depends on the main performance always being very clear and louder than the interference.

We’re not good with forensics.




Sorry…I am totally new to all of this…How do I install a plugin into the Audacity program…or is there someone you know that could do this and charge me a fee for it? I just don’t know how much I would have to learn to be able to efficiently use this software and my time window is short…

See this page in the Manual: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/effect_menu.html#nyquist_effects

and this one: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/manage_effects_generators_and_analyzers.html