Editing a recorded LP

I am new to Audacity. I am using v2.x with an Audio Technica USB turntable recording into my laptop. I am able to record but I can’t successfully edit out the background noise of the LP - the crackles, “static” and annoying pops .I have checked the manuals, tips etc but can’t get simple enough advice. I have tried to use noise reduction/click removal but obviously unsuccessfully as the noise persists. In anticipation…thanks

That’s not noise. “Noise” unfortunately is defined (here) as a continuous sound that doesn’t change for a long time. Hum on a microphone can be noise, but a metrobus driving by or static on a record is not. The abbreviated description is to find some noise by itself and drag-select that (the profile step) and then drag-select the segment of the show to be processed and apply the filter. Noise Removal will try to subtract the profile from the show. Obviously, you don’t have one single static for three minutes. You have static and popping and clicking that comes and goes and changes constantly. So that takes care of Noise Removal.

We wrote a thing about removing vinyl sounds and problems. Sorry, but cleaning vinyl is not easy to do, it changes with each record (sometimes each side) and in some cases it’s not free.