editing a pre saved audacity music file

when i re edit a edited & saved audacity music file (to AMPLIFY etc whatever)I find that when ive saved the file its fine & plays ok in in both itunes & windows
and the time bar reaches the end of play,However if i chamge the title of the file then replay it,the time bar falls short 2-3 seonds short of the end of play,.why is this ?.
its annoying!!!.mickthefish.

What do you mean by a “saved audacity music file”?
Audacity saves “Audacity Projects” (which are not audio files).
Audacity “exports” audio files in a variety of formats such as WAV, MP3, FLAC etc.

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Tell us what format the exported file is in that you play in Windows and iTunes. Tell us what version of Audacity and Windows (see the pink panel at the top of the page).

If you have a selection in the track, you must use File > Export Audio if you want to export the entire track.

Where and how do you change the title of the file?


hi gale & steve-i export my files by EXPORT MULTIPLE FILES as WAV (one at a time)after naming & deviding them,then save them to my pictures folder.but when i re-edit one of these files again (such as amplify etc)then save it again.everythings fine until i happen to RE-NAME the file this causes the time bar in widows music player to stick 2 to 3 seconds before the end,which causes an annoying overun of the tune.if i dont rename the file everythings fine.PS-sorry for going on a bit.mickthefish.

But exactly how and where do you rename the file? And what version of Windows?

If you rename the file in Windows Media Player it is presumably a bug in Windows Media Player.

You don’t have to stick to Windows Media Player. For example there is MPC-HC, VLC or foobar2000 (though Foobar 2000’s interface is bare bones and not to everyone’s taste).


hi gale thanks for post-The file is a music file which i created in audacity some weeks ago(ive tried several files all the same).i never rename anything in media player,just in MY PICTURES folder.I’ve no problem with the time bar when i play it back in ITUNES,& the problem with the time bar only occurs when i rename the file after saving it …I used SAVE SELECTED AUDIO to save the file.I think its unlikely to be a fault with my WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER.(the time bar stops 2-3 seconds before the end but the tune carries on to the end).its un-nerving-mickthefish.PS-I’m using windows xp professional.

Give us an example of renaming the file (for example “song1.wav” to “song11.wav”).

I think it is indeed likely to be a bug in Media Player, especially if iTunes does not have the problem with renamed files.

Saving audio files in “My Pictures” probably does not help.

Microsoft will not help you because you are using an obsolete operating system.

If you cannot live with it you could try importing the file into Audacity, generate 3 seconds silence at the end of the file and re-export.


hi gale-if i reload one of my saved WAVE files,example named(Buddy Holly-oh boy)then work on it in audacity & save it again,there’s no trouble with the time bar when i play it,however if i changed it to say (Buddy Holly-oh b)then it plays ok but falls short on the time bar in windows Medea player which means if i ever want to change the title i’m stuck with this problem.however thanks for your time & as you say i can live with it.regards mickthefish.Problem Solved Itself For Some reason.13/01/16.