Editable points of Envelop Tool

I am using an envelope tool in Audacity 3.2.0 to make my background music more engaging by increasing its volume a bit when I have long pauses in my speech.
What I found is that controlling the points with mouse only is not so efficient. I’d like to drag them to the position by mouse as it is currently, but to be able to specify the envelope volume by number to have it equal in different places of the track.
That is important especially when I use the volume to have a general effect on the whole track and want to increase it a bit in only special moments.

Thanks for your feedback and info on potential possibilities to make those points editable from the keyboard.


There’s an (automatic) app for that … Auto Duck - Audacity Manual

Thanks @Trebor,

really nice feature I will investigate for sure.
Nevertheless for Envelope Tool having the ability to tweak numerically placed points would be beneficial for sure.
And hey - those points have their coordinates set already → they just need to be viewable/editable from UI.

Thanks for reply.

FWIW, adding an envelope point at a specified (numeric) height is technically possible with a Nyquist Macro, though this may not be particularly useful for your use-case.
There’s an old forum topic about this here: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/setting-envellope-control-point-using-nyquest/61128/1

Vertical zooming (advanced mode) can put a horizontal-line across the waveform …

vertical zoom.gif