Edit track containing 2 superimposed recordings

My Operating System is Windows 7 x 64

I am trying to edit a hypnotherapy recording that I just bought. When I imported the track into Audacity, two lines of audio appear, indicating that the hypnotherapy session consists of 2 recordings superimposed on top of one another. All I want to do is cut off the last 30 seconds of the recording and instead have it fade out. (I use it to fall asleep and the last 30 seconds is the ‘wake up’ bit which I don’t want).

How do I do this - Do I need to edit each recording independently? I am not sure how to select the tracks independently. I have tried selecting mono input but nothing happens. OR can I edit both together?

I would be sooo grateful for any help as I am new to this.

thanks, Lucy

In other words, it is a stereo track and Audacity shows you the left channel above the right channel.

Click at 30 seconds from the end then drag to the end of the blue waveform. Hit Delete on your keyboard.

Now click where you want the fade out to start and drag to the new end of the track. Choose Effect > Fade Out.

If you have some reason for wanting to fade differently on left and right, click in the name of the track (to left of the blue waves) and choose Split Stereo Track".