Edit screen meters

A week or so ago, MAC_OS was updated on my machine. After the update, I lost all metering on my edit page. I was planning on uninstalling Audacity, but help pages do not recommend that. Microphone input, and speaker channel monitors do not work.

After that update, my audio capture tool, Sound Tap will not connect to the USB microphone, but will record internal audio sources.

I gather I am supposed to set system tools, but enabling mic, and headphone through the Mac settings does not work.

Mac OS is 14.2.1

Is it this: Input (recording) level not shown

There are the two monitors in the top middle of the workspace. I need those monitors to make sure I am not over-driving the audio channel. None of them work. I have tried right clicking in their space, and other tips. I tried resetting All of Audacity, and the other resets under tools. I am able to edit audio, record voice through the microphone, hear the play back in my headset, but have no monitoring levels.

As usual, the utility was working quite well, and happy until the Mac OS update.

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