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i am trying to install audacity but when i get to edit then preferences i dont get the same screen as is on the manual

The two can diverge if the version and the manual are different. The Manual is, as much as possible, for the very latest public release version of Audacity. At this writing, it’s 2.0.6. If you do it just right, you can get stuck between two updates. This is a pile of volunteers, not a corporation.

Fill in the information from the pink band at the top of this thread and tell us where the difference is.


I installed the latest version of audacity but i still get the same screen when i get to the edit part of the download, i havent used audacity before this is my first time and i would like put my vinyl on to mp3

We’re on tenterhooks here - would that be Audacity 2.0.6?
(as it says in the pink box near the top of the page, the exact three-section version of Audacity can be found from “Help > About Audacity”)
and your version of Windows is?
Which manual are you looking at?

Is there a particular preference setting you are looking for? In most cases the default preferences will be fine, so you shouldn’t have to mess with them.

Are you having trouble with something?

Are you able to record? Have you got a USB turntable, or an analog connection? Take a look at [u]Your First Recording[/u]

Have you selected your [u]Recording device/Input[/u] matching however your turntable is connected?

Once you’ve recorded, you’ll need to download and install the [u]Optional lame MP3 encoder[/u] before you can export to MP3.

Your posts should have numbers in them. We need to build an accurate picture of your system in our imaginations.