edit > preferences help please.

-Audacity 2.0.5
-Window 7, 64-bit
-“Fast Sinc Interpolation” doesn’t show up on the section under quality > real-time conversion > sample rate converter and “High Quality Sinc Interpolation” > sample rate converter under edit > preferences. The only options I have are the “low, medium, high and best quality” options. Are these any that match Fast Sinc Interpolation or High Quality Interpolation?
Trying to record vinyls on an audio-technica at-lp60-usb stereo turntable to audacity.

The software library that handles sample rate conversion has been updated, leading to the new options. The new library provides both better sound quality and faster conversion than the old library. For “Real Time” the recommended setting is “Medium” (pretty good quality and pretty fast) and for “High Quality” the recommended setting is “Best” (excellent quality - the slowest of the settings but still a lot faster than the old “High Quality Sinc Interpolation” ). Note that these settings are only used if the sample rate is being converted.

Is this the best option for record vinyls?

The defaults are best for most purposes (including recording vinyl).
If you know for certain what the default (native) sample rate of your audio capture device is, then there may be a very slight benefit in setting the default Audacity sample rate to match, otherwise (assuming that you are going from vinyl to audio CD), leave the default sample rate at 44100 Hz. The sample format should be 32 bit float for best quality. “Shaped” dither is recommended (in Audacity 2.0.5) for High quality conversion settings and “None” for Real-time conversion.

thank you so much btw, worked like a charm.

This workflow tutorial from the manual may be of use to you: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/sample_workflow_for_lp_digitization.html