Edit multiple voice recordings

Hi. I am a new user of Audacity 2.0.5 .exe installer and I am running it on a XP SP3 computer. Is it possible to edit my voice so it sounds like someone else? I would like to produce a radio joke, a conversation between 3-4 people, but I would like to record all persons myself, and then edit the voice recordings so that it sounds like it is actually different persons talking. Could that be possible using Audacity? Thanks!!

Not in Audacity, no. It’s a popular Feature Request. “Make me sound like an announcer, little girl, my friend, a famous person, etc.”

The best we can do is sound normal and then computer voices or martians. Not other people.


Google Matt Bittner.

Thanks a lot for the quick answer! Does anyone know if it would be possible to edit voices the way I want to do using Cubase, Waves or Pro Tools or any other “for sale” program?

Koz suggested a search engine. Why not take him up on that suggestion?

You have to make the frequency distribution (Equalization) of the target voice the same as the voice you want to sound like and change the voice formants independently of the frequency.

You can look at https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/use-audio-track-as-a-sample-for-other-audio-tracks/27591/1 to see how hard this is and look at Voxengo CurveEQ or Har-Bal to do Equalization matching. I don’t know about them doing formant preservation as well. One of the iZotope products might do both.


I did Google Matt Bittner and it turned out that he is a person that can change his own voice in to sounding like someone else!
What I am after is not sounding like any other KNOWN person, just making my own voice sound like it was another human talking. Thanks for answering my stupid questions!

Then your question is too vague. For a start, do you want your voice to remain recognisably the same gender? Use some words to describe how you want to change it.

Or simply play around with Change Pitch, Equalisation or Leveler (for Lo-Fi distortion) to see what takes your fancy, or (more advanced) process your voice with noise or natural sounds using Vocoder . However Vocoder will tend to make your voice like robots or non-humans.


I did Google Matt Bittner and it turned out that he is a person that can change his own voice

Koz is trying to tell you that’s how it’s done. Voice actors do the voices for cartoon characters, etc. It’s done by humans, not computers. Just about any classroom has a kid that can mimic the teacher or make-up different voices. :smiley:

Assuming this doesn’t come easy to you, it’s probably easier if you try to mimic some known voices than to invent a voice from scratch. And, it’s easier if you get a sample of each voice to copy, so you can listen to it and then copy that tone & speaking style. You don’t have to be a good mimic, you just need to get four different consistent voices/styles.

It would also be helpful if you can get someone to help you… Maybe someone of the opposite gender. Or get three people to help you and you can use your natural voices.

Thanks Gale and DVDdoug for answering! What I wanted to know is if there is any alternativ to, as DVDdoug suggested; “get three people to help you and you can use your natural voices”. And the voices are not suposed to sound like any known, person or celebrity, just as a human voices. And it would also be perfect if I could edit my own voice so it sounded like the voice of a voman, or a boy/girl or another middle aged male. I would like to produce a “radio show” or jokes for a radio show, all by myself without having to use other people as actors.
Could that be possible? Using wich program/equipment?

Not in Audacity, but did you take Gale up on the software suggestions he posted?

You’ve seen actors do impressions. They copy the mannerisms, rhythm and expression of the target person. That’s what lets them do “One Man Shows” where they become different people on stage. I’m a bass and I did a passable woman once by crowding the microphone and imitate a woman’s rhythm.

Lauren Bacall’s voice was lower than Humphrey Bogart.

That’s impossible to do in software and it’s usually an instant giveaway when all the people in the show use the same words the same way. Deadly if you have a regional swing to your speech. Unless you are all brothers, that would never happen in real life.


Matt is an actor and one of the things that sells these clips his “Valley Girl” presentation. That’s what made it go viral. Without that, he would just have a weird voice.


It sounds to me like you should be starting with your own recorded voice. You can always make funny voices yourself and tweak those to be more amusing using effects.

If you do a completely convincing impersonation of a woman so that everyone thinks you are a woman, is it still amusing?