Edit Metadata window appears when exporting [SOLVED]

Hi Folks

This is my first time on this forum

I have installed on my deepin 2014 operating system this version of audacity…
Audacity 2.0.5-lubuntu 3.2
Audacity-data 2.05 lubuntu 3.2 latest version
Audacity-dbg. 2.05 lubuntu 3.2 latest version

I have been using audacity many years with converting mp3 that I have in my downloads file and exporting to wav with no problem until recently when I export it this menu pops up edit metadata and cannot get rid of this to export to a wav format. I never saw this before and I am not stuck as to what to do…

this version of audacity comes with synaptic package and I uninstalled a few times and then installed it and the same thing happens with this edit metadata menu…

any help from those who use deepin

Thank you…paulofeastman

To dismiss the Metadata Editor window, just click the OK button.
To stop the Metadata Editor window from automatically opening on Export, go to “Edit menu > Preferences > Import/Export” and deselect (un-tick) the option “Show Metadata Editor prior to export step”

Thank you…thank you…thank you and thanks again and again.
You are right on the money…you have no idea how frustrating this has been…I was able to export and now playing in the wav format.