Edit metadata for multiple exported files all at once

Hi. i just recorded an 18 track cassette, labeled the songs, and then went to export multiple, as mp3 files. The edit metadata window came on 18 times, once for each song. It had the track number and track title correct, but I didn’t want to add the artis, album, genre, etc. 18 times. How do I enter information, such as this, which is the same for all 18 songs? Thanks, Dave

1 Choose Edit > Preferences: Import / Export, uncheck “Show Metadata Editor prior to export step”, then OK.
2 Choose File > Open Metadata Editor… before exporting and add the tags there that are the same for each song.

When you File > Export Multiple the Metadata Editor now won’t appear but the common tags plus the individual Track Title and Track Number tags for each song will be in the files.