Edit Markers

o Mark-in and mark-out points: As per video editors, “I” sets Edit In Point and “O” sets Edit Out Point. Should use zero-crossing accuracy. Doesn’t matter what you do between those two actions; once you press “O”, everything between “I” and “O” is selected. (8 votes)

Would the interface changes required be worth it when there is an easy solution now? Click where you want to “mark in” (can be in an existing point-label) and hold SHIFT while clicking where you want to “mark out”. Currently, the SHIFT-click can’t be in a label, it has to be in the waveform, but shift-clicking between labels could be added. The SHIFT-click draws a selection region between the two points.

That’s a very tight, restrictive subset of the problem.

Zoom into the beginning of a two hour show and catch the natural gap between a person saying “Welcome” and “to our podcast.” Press I. Zoom out full. Zoom into hour two, about 2/3 of the way through. Play/Pause/Click/Search until you find the introduction to the speaking guest. Zoom in until you find the natural gap between “…our newest musical mashup.” and “I want you to meet our guest speaker.” Press O.

Press Delete.

It could be anything, but let’s pretend I wanted to hear “Welcome, I want you to meet our guest speaker.” 43 minutes of heavily labeled musical show in the middle, gone. That’s one reason you can’t use magnetic labels.

That’s 7/8 of the tool. The remaining eighth is to handle the error of accidentally getting the O before the I. It reverses them with an admonishing message not to do that again, and an offer to change your mind. I’ll settle for just the message. “Unable to place the out-point before the in-point.”

You can move either I or O by clicking somewhere else. You only ever get one of each, unlike labels. There is one keystroke to remove both (I don’t remember what that is in our editors. I’ve never screwed up an edit in that particular way. Control-Z?? UNDO??)


The way I would do that is to use SHIFT+A to stop playback and Ctrl+I to split the track - no need to use labels at all in that example.


I agree. They’re useless for this. You need edit markers.

<<<The way I would do that is to use SHIFT+A to stop playback and Ctrl+I to split the track… >>>

How are you finding the edit point? Nobody can find an accurate edit point from X1 play. If you can then you are a celebrity. If you can do it repeatedly, then you are a minor deity. Nobody I know can do that. And from the example, how are you finding two?


Play at x1 and press SHIFT+A to stop playback - puts cursor near the correct place.
Use the mouse pointer and the “B” key to play the section between the playback cursor and the mouse pointer.

Various ways to adjust the playback cursor position. Usually I just use Ctrl+wheel to zoom in/out and click on the track to set the cursor position. Can also/alternatively use cursor keys. As we are aware there is no “scrub” function so test with mouse pointer and B key.

When the exact position is correct, Ctrl+I to split.

Zoom out (Ctrl+wheel) and find the end position in similar fashion and split.

Double click on middle section to select it
Optional step - press C key to preview the cut.
Press Del key to delete.