edit many audio files and make one

It was suggested that I download Audacity. Windows XP and I just downloaded it from the web.

Yes, I have read through the manual, FAQs, but, cannot find what I seek.

What I need to do is take many audio files, take snippets from each, and create one file.

Can this be done with Audacity. If so, any guidance how to do it would be greatly appreciated.



File > New.

Then File > Import each audio file. They will arrive each on their own timeline. Select, Copy and Paste each one into the first timeline which should start blank.


Let me be very specific.

I have three audio files, all one hour long.

File 1: I need to capture minute 8:00 through minute 10:00
File 2: I need to capture minute 1:00 through minute 5:30
File 3: I need to capture minute 18:00 through minute 22:00

I then want to take the above captures, and create one audio file.


OK, start a new Audacity project and do File Import of each of the files. That will give you the three tracks stacked one above the other in the display.
Then do Tracks > Add New > Audio (for mono) or Stereo to match the type of your original files.
Now use the selection tool to select (click and drag) the chunk from your first track and then copy (Ctrl+C) it to the clipboard.
Click at the start of the empty track (track#4) and paste from the clipboard (Ctrl+V).
Now use the selection tool again to select the desired chunk of track#2 and Ctrl+C.
Click in track#4 just after the first clip and paste (Ctrl+V).
Repeat for the chunk out of track#3.

You should now have the three clips all in the one track (track#4). If there are gaps between them that you do not want, use the Timeshift tool to move each clip carefully along until you see the yellow vertical line that signifies a “touch”. Once you have them all lined up, select the whole of track#4 by clicking in any empty part of its track details panel at its left hand side. Do File > Export Selection to WAV, MP3 or whatever format you need.

Finally, do File > Save Project As, give it a name and navigate to the folder of your choice. You can now comeback to this project at any time in the future to re-work it if you need to.