Edit/Effects Track

How about an edit/effects track to apply edits and effects non destructively?

I know tracks can be duplicated so as not to apply destructive edits and effects to the original. But it is destructive within the project to the track. The problem with that for instance is not being able to revert say the 3rd edit of half dozen or so. Without going back and starting over. If a few days has past, without track edit history notes to know what all was done it’s practically impossible.

Say a few days later decide to make a change to improve a particular edit/effect.
Have to go all the way back to at least that point in time or before and reapply everything that was done since.

This requires that:

  1. There is a copy of the project or track at or before the point in time that edit/effect was applied. Or starting over from the beginning with the original sources. Saving a bunch of project copies and tracks consumes a lot of space.
  2. There is documentation of all the edits/effects, etc. that were applied from the beginning or since that copy of the project or track was saved.

Think random access. In the digital age we have random access to the audio data. We also should have random access to the edits.

Once a set of edits is in place and sure not going to change them a new track could be rendered.

Reaper https://www.reaper.fm/
Ardour: https://ardour.org/
GarageBand (included with macOS)

It’s a question of picking the right tool for the job.