EDIT commands graying out

I use MacOS Sierra, Version 10.12.5 and Audacity 2.1.2. I am attempting to copy and past sections from one track to another. Most of the time the copy command works, but when I open up the receiving track, Edit has grayed out cut, copy, and paste. What am I failing to do?

As a fuzzy rule, tools turn gray if you’re in Pause or anything but Stop.


As Koz points out, you must be in Stop mode to do any editing.

What do you mean by “open up the receiving track”?

If there is simply a cursor position in a track (not a selected region) then Copy and Cut will be disabled as there is nothing to Copy or Cut.

Paste may be disabled as described in this manual page if there is no room to paste the audio.

– Bill

Thanks so much! I knew my problem had to be a simple mistake, but I needed your help to realize what it was. Everything seems copasetic now.