Edit chains to split wave file into multiples?

Using Windows 7.

I have a directory with 87 wav files, consisting of 4 octaves of C notes played on synths, normally 2 synths per file. So 8 per file, making around 696 samples.

I’d like to split each wav file out into the 8 samples for use. I’ve read the Edit Chains page in the manual and http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/splitting_a_recording_into_separate_tracks.html

can chains be used to do the chop and export? If not, has anyone any similar experience? Not adverse to a bit of Python or something if required.

Will you be splitting into 8 equal length sections, or do you need the batch process to somehow “detect” where to split? If the latter, then how will the process work out where to split?

How long is each file?

So do some files have more / less than 8 sections?

The sections will not always be equal, no, as a number of items are shorter or longer. They are all one note shots though.

Some have less than 8. The larger files have 8.

So how will the batch process know where to split the files?

I’m guessing that I’ll need to place all the files with same amount of content in a directory together, batch process those.

Or, if there is a means of instructing the process to listen for silence in the file, possibly?

Really, this is why I came on this forum though, to see if someone knew.

You may be able to partially automate the process:

  1. Import one file
  2. Use “Analyze > Silence Finder” to add labels in the silences between the sounds
  3. Use “Export Multiple” to export the labeled regions.
  4. File menu > Close
    Repeat 87 times.

The process is included in this tutorial: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/splitting_a_recording_into_separate_tracks.html

So, not using chains.

Thanks anyway.

The missing piece in the jigsaw is that Chains do not support Export Multiple. Do you want to “vote” for that? Sometime we will improve Chains by adding missing features so we will review requests when we do that.


Yes, I’ll vote for it. Seems useful. Link?

I’ve added your vote Missing features - Audacity Support.


I looked there but it seems a bit tricky to add a vote, so please add my vote too for supporting “Export Multiple” in the Chains.