Edit chain help required

I want to remove the left channel of multiple files and the output files must have the same file name as the original, same type of file and same bit rate quality and stereo. Please share the procedure for edit chain function.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Pranjit Dass

same bit rate quality

If you’re starting out with MP3 files, you will get the same bit rate, but not the same quality. Audacity doesn’t actually edit MP3 files. It pulls them inside itself, converts them to a high quality format and then makes a new MP3 when it’s done. the upshot of all that is a 128 bit rate file with the quality of 64. Quality always goes down and you pretty much can’t stop it. It’s printed over the entrance to our bat-cave: “Never do production in MP3.”

We recommend using an editor that doesn’t do this import/export trick, but they only do very simple editing and you need complex work which lets all of those out. The minute you start taking an MP3 apart, you’re in trouble.

I don’t see doing your job unless you can come up with the original high-quality WAV or AIFF files. Even then, I’m not sure the chaining commands are up to the gymnastics you need.


The mixing of the right channel into both channels can be made via Steve’s Channel Mixer plugin (it has a preset for that).
However, The quality issue lingers on - just as koz has said - unless you start with an unlossy format.

Do you mean so that the output is a stereo file with silence in the left channel?

What format are the original files?