Edit a single track

I’m using Audacity 2.1.0 on a Dell Inspiron running Windows 10. When I attempt to select and edit a section of a track, for some reason Audacity selects that section for ALL tracks. I only want to edit a section of one track e.g. to move it forwards or backwards. How do I do that without doing the same to ALL tracks.
Many thanks

Select the track by clicking just right of the up arrow.

Time Shift Tool (sideways black arrows) will only move a whole track. If you have to time-shift a partial track, you’ll need to copy (Control-D Duplicate) the track and then cut them up into moving and non-moving parts.


Hi Koz,
Many thanks for your suggestions. I clicked just right of the up arrow - i.e. on the clock (?) That cause the track to be selected (highlighted in grey) and also changed the background of the other track to be set to a wallpaper of clock faces (?). I left click on the track at the point I wish to start editing and drag the cursor to the right to highlight the section of the track that I want to remove. The other track is also selected and when I hit the delete button it deletes the section in BOTH tracks.

I used CTRL-D to duplicate the track and tried to select and edit that track - but all that happened was that all THREE tracks were selected and edited. However, I had a look around the various settings on the menus and saw that in the TRACKS menu Sync-Lock Tracks was ticked. I un-ticked it and this has solved the problem - I can now left click on a point on a track, drag the cursor to the right and the only track that is selected is the one I want. The other tracks are NOT selected. So it seems that the Sync-Lock Tracks facility causes ALL tracks to be edited at once.

I’m not sure whether making this change has any unforeseen consequences in other areas of Audacity that I have yet to encounter, but at least I can move forward with my editing.

Many thanks

PS are you a member of the Audacity Support Team or a user of the software?