echoy sound...

hi when I play the record ino the computer the music as its going in sounds echoy…where do you adjust this echo sound?or is that a computer problem?


hi when I play the record ino the computer the music as its going in sounds echoy

A LOT more details might help. Are you recording with the microphone built into your laptop, or what?****

Oh sorry im recording an lp from my turntable into the line in on my sound card into audacity…I have a new desktop…
Windows 64 bits is my system and the computer is a
Insepion 3000


Does your turntable have a line output? “Traditional” turntables need a phono preamp to boost the signal and to apply they RIAA equalization. Without a preamp you get a VERY weak signal with all highs and no bass.

If you have an older stereo with a phono-input it has a built-in preamp and if there is a “tape output” you can use that into line-in, or a headphone output will also work into line-in.

Some newer "DJ turntables " have a built-in preamp as do USB turntables. Virtually all USB turntables have a line-output (and sometimes a switchable direct or line-output), or of course you can record using the USB port.

Turn off all Windows [u]“enhancements”[/u] and make sure you select “line in” as your recording device.

If it still doesn’t sound right, does the turntable sound OK plugged into our stereo system?

hi I a basic numark 220 and an onkyo tx 8020 both non usb…no I said the system records good and during playback the music is normal…its going in the song is echo…


I believe I found the issue…the lp I used was the problem it seems.i tried to use a different lp and it was fine.hope it stays that way…thanks


FYI - Your Onkyo has a built-in phono preamp.

Oh ok thanks