Echos in playback

I am recording audio streams from the internet by using line inputs. I am using version 1.2.6. When I playback the audio it is playing back as echos. My operating system is windows 7 if that matters.


Let me read this back to you. You use one computer to listen to internet audio and connect the Headphone Out of that computer to a second computer’s Stereo Line-In where you record the work in Audacity.

If, on the other hand, you record the shows using Mix-Out, What-U-Hear, or Total Recorder, you don’t use the Line-Ins at all.

Fill in the holes there. How are you doing this?


I should have explained it more detailed. I have a Toshiba laptop and use the same computer to record the shows. I use a cable to connect the headphone jack with the mic jack. When the show that I want to record is streaming I plug in the cable and click the record button on audacity. When I play it back it echos.

If you followed the instructions about how to record from the internet, you set up your Windows Control Panel to record the sound pathways internal to the computer. If you then plugged in your cable and set additional Windows Pathways to accommodate that, you then have not one, but two sound pathways, one later than the other.

You should probably clear the decks, rip out all the cables, reset the Windows Control Panel and start over…