echoed sound after recording when listen to playback

i am using audacity version 2.0.2 on my laptop which is windows vista. I am trying to record my mixes from serato using audacity it either crackles when recording or else be’s fine then when stop recording and playback the mix the recording sounds echoed :S any ideas what it could be?? could it be laptop soundcard or something i do not know im not into pc’s/laptops that much

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Awaiting more information.

got the echo sound sorted now ita that dreaded line again whilst recording… works fine for about 8 secs then wave turns to a line any ideas??

I’m pretty sure what that one is. Windows Enhanced Services. Windows machines are not music recorders, they’re voice conference machines and so they default to processing your voice. If you don’t put a voice in, some very strange things can happen.


Is there a certain amount off requirements needed to run the programme? My laptop only has 2 gb ram has a 2.0 processor… All i want to do is record my mixes via audacity and can’t do it… Are there any video tutorials to show what settings should be set or anything?? I run my mixtrack pro(midi controller) off the laptop via usb with phono cables connecting it to speakers and external soundcard(citronic ac-1usb) i dont know if my settings in audacity are set properly any guidelines on what the appropriate settings should be?? Thanks baz

The system requirements for Audacity are pretty low, much lower than your computer, but that is for using Audacity as a standalone application. If you are using along with Serato DJ software the requirements will be much higher, but we don’t know what the system requirements will be because we don’t use Serato. Similarly we are not able to provide instructions for using software that we don’t have.

There are some step-by-step guides to using Audacity in the Tutorials section of the manual: