Echo When Recording

I’ve turned down the Monitor volume all the way (green vu meter) but still get a slight echo when recording. The echo DOES end up in the final recording.

What can be done about this?

need a lot more info about what you are doing and how

if gain is down you should not be recording at all
so what is the echo of ??

The gain on the MONITOR is all the way down, not the rec gain.

The echo is of the audio that is being input to the program. It is faint but noticeable. The echo is really bad when I have the monitor gain up-- then It doesn’t echo to the point of feedback, but it sounds close.

I’m just not used to using Audacity. I have it on an older computer but am more used to Adobe Audition 3. What other information would be helpful?

Everything :slight_smile:

What operating system? Which audacity version? What’s your source? Are you recording from a mic? How is it connected to the computer? What recording device have you selected on Preferences? Do you have hardware or software playthrough on?

What are you recording? And where :smiley: ? When you record in a mine or something I guess the effect is normal :wink: