echo sound when saved as mp3

I have a Mac 10.6.8 and I am using Audacity 2.5. I am recording with a Yeti Pro microphone connected to my computer. When I save and send my Audacity recorded files as Mp3s, the playback has a weird echo/reverb effect. Why is this happening and how can I fix it? When I save as an audacity file, the playback is fine.

MP3 has a Quality Slider. There is no single MP3. You can tune it.

File > Export > MP3 Files > [options] > Quality.
The minimum possible quality setting for mono is 32, stereo is 64. 128 is good and it’s the Audacity default unless you changed it. Anything over 256 is very, very good.

Of course, the music file size keeps going up as the quality increases.


Thanks. I’ll check that setting.