Echo removal

I am new, but could not find this question on the forum. If I have to edit a saved voice-over file I may get a slight difference in the audio sound. This is because I may not be exactly the same distance from the mic or other factors may cause the difference. I have tried normalizing the file and lower/raising the sound using the slider on the left, but it is still not as clean as I would like it. Am I missing something or is my option to rerecord the file? Usually, what I get is the second file I am doing has a slight echo effect.

You can’t get rid of echo or reverb. You just need to work on keeping a consistent setup. It might help to get a [u]pop filter[/u] and set it up with a measuring tape. Then, you can get your lips right up to the pop filter for a consistent mic distance.

You may need to practice keeping your voice consistent too.

Thank you DVDdoug, that is what I was thinking, but wanted to double check. I think what I really need to work on is consistent vocal volume. I am a public speaker with a stong voice and am used to varying my volume. I will work on finding my “groove” and keeping it close to that level.

Usually, what I get is the second file I am doing has a slight echo effect.

That bothered me the first time I read it. There is no condition of live recording that gives you echoes unless you’re trying to record in a kitchen or bathroom.

People have been stuck trying to live voice record with speakers instead of headphones. That’s absolutely forbidden.

If you’re using an original track as a guide for a voice presentation similar to musical overdubbing, use only direct recording of the microphone or microphone system. Using Stereo Mix, What-U-Hear or selecting “playthrough” in the Audacity setups will cause echoes.